Rethinking the ready made

Jane Skeer

Anew 3b
Image: Jane Skeer, Of Nature 3b (detail), discarded festival flyers
Photographer Grant Hancock.

Exhibition launch: 2pm Sunday 25 February 2018

Opening speaker
Christopher Orchard – Artist and Lecture, Adelaide Central School of Art

Exhibition concludes 29 March

Associated activity – using discarded materials, create an artwork alongside Jane on
14 and 15 March at Gallery 1855. Registrations essential. Email:

Jane’s artist statements:

My art practice is predominantly based in sculpture and installation, involving material in a state of flux. I work with the discarded materials of the everyday, making audiences re-think relationships with the familiar ready-made objects and their associated sensory/haptic memories.

Jane works with discarded materials of the everyday and presents them anew, making audiences re-think relationships with the familiar ready-made objects and their associated memories.



Golden Grove Backyard Plant and Produce Exchange

General Garden Image

Exchange your surplus garden produce. Bring your plants, seeds, fruit and veggies


When:  Saturday 17 March from 10am – 12.30pm
Where:  Golden Grove Arts Centre, The Golden Way, Golden Grove SA
Cost:  Free

Backyard plant and produce exchange is presented in conjunction with the City of Tea Tree Gully exhibition ‘Garden Instinct’, which celebrates our local gardeners and their passion for gardening.


Further information about this event contact:

Please note: Backyard plant and produce exchange is a cashless environment. Only fresh produce will be accepted. No preserves, processed or dried food products please.

Eclectic Avenue – an exhibition featuring works by Ian Willding

Opens 2pm Sunday 24 May at Gallery 1855, 2 Haines Road Tea Tree Gully SA

Exhibition dates: 27 May – 27 June 2015

Ian Willding has had many careers – chef, house painter and special needs teacher. However it is painting that truly excites him and is his lifelong passion. Ever since his childhood, Ian has turned to art to express thoughts and feelings on his Wiradjuri heritage and family, and recurring dreams he has experienced throughout his life.

Ian Willding
Ian Willding with some of the works from ‘Eclectic Avenue’

Growing up in Forbes NSW, Ian was allowed to roam the countryside with friends, with his eyes taking in the vastness of the land and its ever-changing colours, which would later dramatically emerge in his art works. A weekly afternoon art class during high school years was where Ian’s great interest in art began, with the support of a dedicated teacher and the vibrant energy of a class made up of students from many cultural backgrounds.

After Ian finished school, art was put to the side when he moved to Sydney, gained his chef apprenticeship and stayed there working for over 20 years. He remained open to the art world in the 1970s and 1980s, constantly visiting galleries but he had a major realisation when he first came to Adelaide during the high summer in 1985.

‘I fell in love with Adelaide straight away. I sensed it was a city filled with art and I saw a lot of art during that time. I moved there in 1989 and slowly moved back into art.’

After joining the Redhouse Group in Marion, Ian started to intensely create art and held several exhibitions. A highlight for him was the Petroglyfs exhibition held at Tandanya, Australia’s oldest Aboriginal-owned and managed multi-arts centre.

‘The whole gallery was in darkness, waiting for the opening when these three women came down on silks and started mingling with the works and the crowd. It was spooky…I still get hairs on the back of my neck thinking about it.’

The clash of European and aboriginal culture is a key theme in Ian’s paintings, particularly the desecration of sacred sites and the introduction of foreign pathogens into indigenous tribes. Ian’s works also focus on the evolution and the future of the aboriginal race and how its people are starting to ‘revolt and push back’ against the destruction of their native culture across Australia.

Ian Willding, Seconds In, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 153cm, 2014 - 2015. 774KB. Web size
Ian Willding, Seconds In, acrylic on canvas, 76 x 153cm, 2014 – 2015

Eclectic Avenue is a survey collection of Ian’s art produced since 2009, during his time at Adelaide’s Central Studios. Many of the works in this exhibition are also based on the colours and vivid imagery from poetry. Indian writer and painter Rabindranath Tagore, the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, is described by Ian as ‘a major and significant influence’.

Since 1996, Ian has exhibited works every year and has curated many exhibitions across Australia. He hopes visitors to Eclectic Avenue will gain an appreciation of the spirit of his aboriginal heritage over the course of his artistic journey and how crucial it is that this culture is not lost.

For more information about Ian Willding visit

All artworks featured in Eclectic Avenue are available to purchase. Please ask a Gallery 1855 attendant for assistance.