‘Cos we are living in a Material World

Collagraphs created using ink and recycled materials have been on display in the foyer of Tea Tree Gully Library throughout the 2015 Fringe Festival. They were made by participants at the Material World workshops held at Gallery 1855 in late 2014.

The workshops were facilitated by printmaker Simone Tippett, who showed participants how to create the layered print works through using recycled materials. A collagraph is a type of printmaking technique that has a basis in collage.

Simone Tippett

Recycled materials used to create these artworks included old onion and orange bags, plastic cafe blinds, paper doilies, pieces of string, feathers, leaves and bits of old paper.

The intention behind the workshops was to get participants to create collagraph works to provoke broader thought on how to use waste differently, and to encourage people to be more creative by repurposing things normally thrown away.

Below are several of the fabulous collagraph prints created during the workshops.

Union St Printmakers - Material World 01 LR   Union St Printmakers - Material World 03 LR (Alicia Renjata)  Union St Printmakers - Material World 04 LR (Pauline Miller)

Union St Printmakers - Material World 06 LR (Alison Main) Union St Printmakers - Material World 07 LR (Jan Finlayson)
All works are for sale $110, including the frame. Email us at arts@cttg.sa.gov.au if you would like more information.

If you are a resident in the Tea Tree Gully region, visit http://www.cttg.sa.gov.au/waste for more information about waste disposal options available to your household.


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